High risk liabilities with ASR Underwriting Agencies





High Risk Liability

Our established team has a proven record in accessing specialists Lloyd's Markets in placing Insurance Cover for a wide range of Liability Risks.

Oil and Gas



We have access to Lloyd's Markets to place insurance for all types of trades within the oil and gas industry. These Include:

  1. Operators; exploration, development and production.
  2. Contractors, divers, roughnecks, roustabouts, rope access contractors and other heavy manual trades.
  3. Consultants
  4. Manufacturers
  5. Suppliers
  6. Ability to place cover for non-Australian domiciled activities, i.e mines in Canada/Africa Etc., contractors working overseas
  • Covers Available:
  • Public and Products Liability
  • Statutory Liability
  • Errors and Omissions

Mining and heavy industry

We can assist with all types of hard and soft rock mining operations.

Coverage can be arranged for mine operators and mining contactors both above and below ground, including construction and development projects.


General contracting and construction



We can assist with writing general contracting business. These Include, heavy industrial contractors, Rural Contractors, Rail contractors - including track slide work, restoration contractors, crane operators (incl goods on hook) haulage and some forms of construction business.


Manufacturing and product supply




We can assist with our access to key Lloyd's Markets in offering a wide range of coverage and pricing for all types of Product Manufacturers. This includes the food industry, pharmaceuticals, equipment and building products.


  • US sales
  • Chinese imports
  • Overseas sales / manufacturing locations


Outdoor Leisure Activities




Did you know that we can assist with Liaiblity for Outdoor Leisure Industry Operations, Including:

  • Tourism
  • High Ropes / Adventure Courses
  • Mountain Biking
  • Ski Resorts
  • 4WD Parks / Camping


Security Liability





Pharmaceutical Liability



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